How to grow up rose

How to grow up rose

Rose — one of the most popular flowers. On set of holidays give bouquets from these flowers. There is huge number of grades. And many women ask question how to grow up rose that it pleased with the beauty of the house in pot or on bed.

In what way it is possible to grow up rose

Now, to grow up flower, it is optional to be the experienced flower grower or the selector. It is possible to learn about various technicians of cultivation from the Internet. Especially as there are several ways how to grow up rose, and any can choose optimal variant in the case:

  • Cultivation from seeds.
  • Cultivation in the greenhouse.
  • Cherenkovaniye in water.
  • Cherenkovaniye in soil.
  • Cherenkovaniye in potatoes.

How to grow up rose from shank

For cherenkovaniye grades of roses which predecessor was dogrose are considered as the most suitable. This plant has unique feature — practically any fallen branch with ease takes roots even not in the best soil. Similar properties were received also by descendants of dogrose. 

When choosing grade of rose you should not take the following:

  • Hybrids, it is from South America.
  • Dutch dlinnostebelny.
  • The tea European.
  • Artificially selected.

For above-mentioned grades special skills and knowledge are required. The successful cherenkovaniye is observed only in 10% of cases. These flowers most often part by okulirovka.

To grow up rose from shank, it is necessary to begin preparation already at the time of hit of bouquet in hands. It is possible to implant shanks at all seasons of the year. For cherenkovaniye exist the following list of strictly certain actions:

  • It is enough to choose several flowers from all bouquet. On them it is necessary to remove all thorns and to cut off buds.
  • Shanks completely fall to water for day.
  • The shank needs to be cut off correctly. If to make mistake, then the probability of germination of rose will sharply decrease. Length of all shank has to be more than 10 cm. On it there has to be at least one kidney. The ideal cut will look so that the lower part has been cut off in the middle between knots, and the upper part came to an end not higher than 1 cm over kidney.
  • Below sharp knife the crosswise section which depth should not exceed 8 mm becomes.
  • The top of shank is powdered with activated carbon.
  • The lower part of plant has to be processed by the special means stimulating growth of roots. It can be bought practically in any flower shop.

After all manipulations the shanks need to be put in vase or to bank with water. Not superfluous will be to add several drops of honey to water. It is excellent biostimulant. The plant is covered with polyethylene. We do not change liquid in vase but only we add in process of evaporation.

There is option how to grow up rose from shank in soil. For this purpose instead of vase with water the processed sticks need to be put to the earth. The main thing is not to forget in due time to water plant. Soil has to remain always damp.

If the cherenkovaniye option in water has been chosen, then it is necessary to wait for emergence of roots and to plant rose in soil. If shanks have planted in soil at once, then simply we expect result in the form of sheets.

How to grow up rose from seeds

Most often people look for way how to grow up rose from seeds which have been brought from China. Some doubt that later long transportation the seeds will be able to sprout in the finest flower. The question how to grow up rose from seeds, is especially relevant in case there is a wish to have quite rare grades in the collection. Cultivation process long also demands control. But if to observe the correct sequence, then in the near future it will be possible to enjoy fine flower in the greenhouse or on windowsill:

  • Seeds not just submerge in soil, and at first prepare them. For this purpose the normal gauze or cotton pads is required. In principle, any subject capable to detain moisture will approach. Even the cut of cotton fabric can be used for prorashchivaniye of seeds.
  • On substrate it is necessary to pour a little hydrogen peroxide and to put seeds. From above they need also to be covered with gauze.
  • We wrap all in polyethylene film. It is not necessary to tighten hardly. It is enough to cover slightly to gain greenhouse effect.
  • With constant frequency it is necessary to moisten gauze and to wait when seeds of rose sprout.
  • Now seeds need to be planted. It is possible to make it at once in soil or in special peat tablets.
  • Air temperature at which it is possible to grow up roses in house conditions is 18-20os.
  • That the root system at rose well developed, you should not wait for dissolution of the first buds. They need to be cut off.

How to grow up rose in potato

For someone this way is considered intricate and sophisticated, but it is quite popular already more than one hundred years. It is especially relevant for house cultivation of roses. To commercially execute it it would be quite energy-intensive. The technology is considered quite simple:

  • In average of the size the pot needs to be filled up drainage. Its height has to be equal to 3-5 cm. Further it is necessary to fill up priyerno 1/3 from all soil.
  • Now it is necessary to prepare shanks. The procedure is identical stated above. 
  • The lower part of shank it is necessary to pierce potato approximately to the middle. 
  • In the pot prepared earlier it is necessary to put potato with shank and to prikopat soil.
  • The pot is put in well lit place.
  • Many flower growers advise to create certain similarity of the greenhouse. For this purpose the shank is enough to be covered with glass or plastic bottle. But in practice of rose grow both with such design, and without it.
  • After strengthening of stalks and their growth, roses need to be planted in pots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team