How to grow up roses in garden

How to grow up roses in garden

The site allocated under landing of roses has to be at the solar place protected from drafts. For cultivation shadow places are adverse. Blossoming process considerably suffers when landing pink bushes under trees.


1. The best time for planting of roses - April — the beginning of May or October, with the subsequent good shelter. The soil under landing is prepared, as a rule, in the fall. Organic and mineral fertilizers are introduced: 10 — 15 kg of manure, peat or compost and 100 — 150 g of superphosphate or phosphate rock on 1 sq.m. On sour soils, lime or ashes of 300 — 500 g on 1 sq.m. is surely applied. The site allocated under rosary is previously dug over on depth of 35-40 cm.

2. For planting of bushes of roses it is necessary to dig out poles 40 x 40 cm. The root system is filled up with nutritious mix, without having forgotten it is abundant to water. When landing the surface of the soil needs to locate the place of inoculation about 5 cm below for further development of additional roots. Formation of additional root system promotes both abundant blossoming, and more reliable wintering.

3. Around plant the hole is created. The earth needs to be condensed then to make abundant watering. After planting of bushes of roses they are hilled either humus, or peat or the same earth. It considerably improves their survival. In the first year after planting of rose it is regular and abundant water. The soil between bushes is periodically loosened and also make mulching by peat. Only after saplings will reliably take roots and will begin to grow, fertilizing, but only one mullein is given. The first flowers cut off.

4. All species of roses, except for park, need the shelter for the period of cold weather. At the end of October it is necessary to cut off all not quite ripe escapes, buds, flowers, leaves. Further spraying of bushes of 3% bordosoky liquid or 3% iron vitriol follows. At approach of frosts, especially in low-snow winters, roses eobkhodimo to cover with dry leaves, peat or sawdust. The air-dry shelter of roses is not less effective. Over beds with the hilled roses establish certain framework or boxes over which put foam rubber or other warming material. In order to avoid soaking from above it is covered with polyethylene film or roofing felt which edges will powder with the earth. Remove shelters from roses in the early spring and cover from the sun with fir twigs or paper, in order to avoid burns a little. Pritenka is deleted a little later in cloudy weather. Then cutting is carried out.

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