How to grow up sage

How to grow up sage

Sage – the perennial plant having huge number of advantages. For a long time its leaves and inflorescences used in the medicinal and magic purposes. It is considered that this grass is capable to wake up the died-away feelings. Besides, the sage is widespread seasoning which is quite often used for preparation of the most various dishes. It is possible to grow up sage both on the seasonal dacha, and in room conditions.

How to put sage at the dacha

The sage in several ways breeds. It can be replaced by vegetative method, seeds and in the form of seedling. In spite of the fact that the plant well transfers small frosts and is quite unpretentious to the soil, it is possible to call some of its lines whimsical. For example, love of light. It is necessary to put sage only on solar seasonal dachas. The chosen place has to be most lit. It is impossible to call sage frost-resistant. The plant can freeze even at too frequent snowfall.

Before landing or crops of plant, the soil should be fertilized any nutrients. There are no special medicines for this purpose therefore any fertilizers will approach. If you have decided to put sage seeds, then previously they are recommended to be killed for day in growth factor, and then, having slightly dried, to seed to the open ground.

Seeds can be planted in a different way, but for this purpose it is necessary to wait until they sprout, having wrapped them in damp fabric. It is better to carry out process of disembarkation in the spring. Saplings should be planted on the site at distance 15 cm from each other. The sage in the form of small bushes grows. Before landing it is better to humidify the soil in addition.

How to grow up sage on windowsill

If you have decided to grow up sage on windowsill, then pay attention that at packing of seeds there has to be mark "early". Other types of this plant can not take root in room conditions. The normal flowerpot will be suitable for crops of seeds. The earth is previously fertilized, and then plant in it germinated seeds. The place for sage should be chosen the lightest – windowsill in this case the ideal territory for normal growth. Pay attention that experts recommend to put sage in house conditions in the form of saplings. Chances that the plant will take root in this case more. It is necessary to water it regularly, but in the minimum quantities. During the summer period it is better to place pots on the balcony. Receiving sufficient norm of light, leaves of sage will be more fragrant and juicy.

Care for sage

For itself the sage does not demand special care. Rather regularly to weed the earth, to loosen it and to fertilize one-two times a year. It is necessary to carry out regular rejuvenescence of old escapes in the spring. It is carried out very simply. It is rather simple to cut off upper parts of bushes and to remove dry escapes. Such procedure is also carried out in the spring. The excessive moisture content of the soil can ruin sage. For this reason you watch watering frequency, and if necessary cover bushes with film at abundant precipitation.

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