How to grow up sambera berries

Today this plant is considered one and most useful cultures. And if in Canada and America with might and main use and use samber, then in Russia only think of it. If you have decided to grow up this culture on the site, then it is worth knowing how it is correct to make it. Having mastered several simple rules, you catch well of useful vitamins in the garden or kitchen garden.

Not so long ago have begun to speak about useful properties of such plant as the Canadian bilberry, or sambera berry. Only on the few garden and seasonal dachas it is possible to see this most useful plant of family of nightshade family. Sambury is related for tomato, cape gooseberry and sweet pepper.

What to begin with?

It turns out that seedling is prepared just as for tomatoes and sow at the same time. That seeds have begun to sprout quicker, plant them in small squares 70х70, and stalks can and be not tied up. But when there are still green berries, the plant begins to fall to the earth – that to avoid it, use props.

Berry grows to the late fall, but at the beginning of October it is better to delete inflorescences. Following this advice of agronomists, you receive bigger harvest. The light frost for sambera is not terrible, but it is better to hill bushes.

The Canadian bilberry belongs to annual plants so it is necessary to collect seeds and to begin landing annually. Look for brushes with the largest berries and large amount of sweats. Selecting material for crops in such a way, you will accelerate process of maturing of future harvest. It is worth carrying to advantages of sambera that though berries long ripen, but the bush is unpretentious. If year is lean for currant or raspberry, then the Canadian guest will never bring you. To do preparations for the winter very simply – the bush needs to be suspended "headfirst" that it has dried.

Some cunnings

In spite of the fact that this solanaceous plant is unpretentious, it is worth paving its seeds and the way under landing. Mix the earth of the site on which you are going to sit down samber, with the forest soil and the turf, and then plant seeds. It is possible to mix also the rotted sawdust with sand and ashes, having added to them universal mix of soils. Add the turned-out weight to the earth of kitchen garden and sow seeds. Remember that it is necessary to avoid the neighbourhood of solanaceous plant with cabbage, it is better to put him near cucumbers or pumpkin. It is better to plant seeds bulked up. For this purpose mix the washed-out and dried up coarse bank sand with seeds and pour out in jar. Several times shake capacity – so the peel of seeds will slightly be erased, and water will feed plants quicker. To grow up berries of sambera exotic at first sight absolutely simply. If it is correct to make everything, then this unpretentious plant will please you with vitamins all winter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team