How to grow up seedling of burning pepper

How to grow up seedling of burning pepper

Burning red pepper is thermophilic culture therefore it is possible to grow up it in midland of Russia only through seedling. Technology of cultivation simple, the main thing to receive abundant harvest, is necessary observance of all its stages.


1. In February-March carry out preseeding preparation. For this purpose place seeds in damp fabric, put it in the warm place and wait for germination. Do not forget to check humidity of fabric. As soon as on seeds there are sprouts, pass to crops.

2. Prepare seedling boxes. Fill them to pochvosmesye from 1 part of the compost earth, 2 parts of cespitose and 1 part of sand. Deepen the sprouted seeds of bitter pepper on 0.5-1 cm and water with warm water. Cover boxes from above with glass, you hold them before emergence of shoots in the afternoon at temperature not lower than 20 degrees, at night – from 15 to 20 degrees. Periodically remove glass for airing.

3. The first shoots appear in 10 days if the sprout has not dumped seed cover, then help it. Carefully cut it scalpel or edge, then remove. Do it only when the sprout was already straightened, but no later than 8 hours after that. That pepper itself dumped cover in the soil, watch humidity of the earth. Put seedling boxes on the light place, maintain temperature within 20-24 degrees.

4. After there are 1-2 real leaflets, pepper dive. For this purpose prepare small tanks: pots, jars or special containers. Fill them same to pochvosmesye and transplant in everyone on one plant, burying in soil at centimeter. Water seedling 2 times a week and each 2 weeks feed up ashes. For this purpose wet 2 tablespoons of ashes in 3 l of water, let's infuse several days, then filter and do extra root fertilizing.

5. At the correct leaving seedling well develops and is ready to disembarkation to the open ground or the greenhouse at the age of 60 days. Red pepper can be grown up also in the room on windowsill. For this purpose replace seedling in spacious pot and provide the increased humidity. For cultivation of pepper in the room during the whole year, it is possible in the fall, to cut off mature bush with approach of cold days, to replace it in pot and to put on windowsill. The plant will flush and will please with harvest all the year round.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team