How to grow up seeds

How to grow up seeds

Flowers – beautiful creatures of the nature, pleasant the beauty. For this reason gardening is so popular throughout many centuries. If you never grew up plants, then it is necessary to begin something. There are several simple methods how successfully to grow up seeds and to receive delightful harvest.

It is required to you

  • Sharp knife, package, napkin, plate, capacity for water, sand.


1. Fill in plastic bag of a little damp sand, put seeds there and place package in the fridge (not in freezing office!). After such imitation of winter rest, seeds will pass to awakening already in couple of days after you pull out them.

2. Take sharp knife and accurately scratch seeds with thick peel. Be attentive, it is necessary scrape as it is possible further from peephole from which subsequently and will sprout plant. Harrowing of seeds will help them to absorb moisture and quicker to sprout.

3. Pour into cup hot water (approximately 50-60os) and wet seeds there for day. Thanks to soaking, in seeds the metabolism will accelerate, and they will grow they much quicker.

4. If seeds very small, before disembarkation to the soil couch them at first in package. For this purpose the wetted napkin on which seeds get enough sleep is put on plate. Then the plate with all the contents is located in package. The package is tied on knot and put in well lit place, but so that on it direct sunshine did not get. As soon as seeds sprout, accurately take them tweezers and replace to the soil.

5. Regularly spray seeds in the first two weeks after their crops.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team