How to grow up setariya

How to grow up setariya

Decorative cereals very effectively look on bed and are capable to change even the most boring flower bed. They are perfectly combined with various plants. Setariya - one of species of decorative cereals. It is beautiful at the expense of the inflorescences whisks; it is impressive and reaches in height of 100-140 cm; it is unusual - during the season changes color from green to golden-brown or brown-red. It is simple to grow up it. Besides it is unpretentious, drought-resistant also holodostoyka.


1. We fill landing tanks with soil. It is possible to use universal soil or to mix the garden earth with peat and bank sand. We display seeds on the surface of the soil, slightly we press and we spray with the spray. We cover landing tanks with film and we put to the warm light place.

2. Shoots appear within 4-6 days. We remove the shelter and we provide protection against direct sunshine (if seedling costs at the southern window). We water seedling carefully, trying not to allow overwettings of the soil, wait when the top soil dries out.

3. We dive in two-three weeks after shoots in individual glasses of 250-300 ml. We fill glasses with soil, we do deepening in the center and we place in it sprout; we water and powder with the earth. Try not to damage root system at sword-play. Within three days to pritenyayta the replaced plants.

4. To the open ground land after the threat of returnable spring frosts passes. Dig over the earth under landing and add, whenever possible, bank sand. Prepare holes according to the scheme: 20х20 cm also place in them plants with earth lump, it is abundant water and powder with the earth.

5. In the first two weeks after landing of plant need regular watering. In the subsequent water 1-2 times a week, it is abundant spilling the earth near plant. Weeding is necessary only right at the beginning, then the setariya expands and itself suppresses weeds - to them difficult to break through through dense foliage of plant. Feed up once during the season complex mineral fertilizer or infusion of grass.

6. Setariya can be used as dried flower, it perfectly looks in bouquet. In September cut off the inflorescences which were pleasant to you and dry them within week in the dry and warm place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team