How to grow up spirulina

How to grow up spirulina

Spirulina represents peculiar alga which has won first place in the world market thanks to the nutritious qualities and therapeutic effect. Spirulina by right is considered the ideal nutritional supplement intended for the weakened people, athletes, vegetarians, elderly people, youth and children. As to grow up spirulina?


1. Grow up spirulina in the small pool which needs to be built according to some instructions. For this purpose it is possible to use bricks, boards, breeze blocks. The size of the pool has to be 2х8 meters. Carefully level bottom and lay dense film. If in the soil there are termites, under film of the pool fill centimetric layer of ashes. Establish the arches made of iron rods, they can be semicircular or triangular.

2. Water for cultivation of spirulina has to be suitable for drink, it is desirable with low calcareous content. It is possible to use slightly salt water. If very soft water is used, add calcium chloride. The liquid used for cultivation of seaweed of this type has to supply them with necessary chemical elements. Level of alkalinity has to be between 8 and 11.

3. Temperature of that Wednesday in which the spirulina is grown up has direct impact on the speed of its growth. This alga is very resistant to decrease in temperatures to three degrees above zero. At temperature over twenty degrees the active growth of seaweed begins. And at 35-37 degrees – reaches the maximum (more high temperature leads to death of plant). Sharp change or temperature reduction considerably reduce productivity.

4. Two-four times a day accurately are recommended to mix spirulina in the pool. Excessive hashing can damage seaweed or their fragments seen only under microscope, it will cause formation of foam on water surface. For this purpose it is possible to use the aquarian electric pump. In aquariums less than 100 liters use the compressor which mixes culture air bells.

5. Depending on the initial volume of spirulina, its first growth phase takes from one to four weeks. Then systematically dilute culture, doubling its volume (when the transparency becomes less than three centimeters).

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