How to grow up statitsa from seeds

How to grow up statitsa from seeds

The ornamental plant of statiyets (kermek) is the excellent live ornament for any personal plot which is often used by landscape designers and florists for creation of unique flower compositions. Pink, blue and white flowers of statitsa are used as well for creation of original winter bouquets as dried flower.

To give to the personal plot unique beauty from which many could not tear off look, to be optional the professional flower grower. It is enough to use simple recommendations and to grow up near house one or at once several types of decorative statitsa, and then throughout all summer to enjoy violence of paints of magnificent openwork inflorescences.

Cultivation of statitsa

As a rule, the statitsa is grown up from the medium-sized, concluded in ridge fruits seeds. It is necessary to plant plant in hotbeds in the earliest spring or at the end of winter. Seeds when landing should not be cleaned – they can just be spread entirely on the earth, at the same time for everyone it is desirable to use separate capacity. Root at statitsa rather long and volume therefore to several plants in one pot it will be close.

After emergence of strong, healthy sprouts (approximately in ten days after landing), they can be replaced to the open ground. That plants did not kill each other, the distance between them is desirable to maintain not less than 20-30 cm. The statitsa later after landing begins to blossom 90-100 days. Depending on look (the most popular types: Suvorov, "The Crimean mix", Bonduelli), the plant can reach in height from 50 to 90 cm.

Recommendations about landing and leaving

Statitsa it is very photophilous therefore it is recommended to land it only on open areas. The decorative beauty is not afraid of direct sunshine at all, and here in shadow she feels not in the best way – develops slowly, blossoms poorly and unevenly, can even fade and die. It is interesting that being plant thermophilic, the statitsa can grow even at frosts. Does not need frequent watering of statiyets even during heat therefore it is possible to water plant only occasionally, at the same time it is necessary to try not to get on leaves, flowers and stalks. For prevention of fungal diseases the soil around plants can be watered with solution salt solution (7 teaspoons of normal rock salt on 10 liters of water). Statitsa can grow in soil with different structure, she excellently feels on clay soils and also on soils with the high content of the chernozem. For the best drainage when landing it is possible to add small amount of bank sand to soil. In order that the statitsa was not "occupied" by plants-weeds, the soil around plant should be loosened periodically.

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