How to grow up strawberry

How to grow up strawberry

Strawberry – one of favourite berries of gardeners. It grows almost on each kitchen garden. But to weed it from weeds – continuous torture. To avoid this unpleasant procedure, it is possible to plant strawberry under ukryvny material. And if you want to save on seedling, grow up it from seeds.


1. Buy seeds of high-quality berry and seed them in February. The procedure quite simple – you take normal soil for seedling, you fill in capacity, properly you humidify, you ram, and from above you put strawberry sunflower seeds. In the instruction on bags usually advise to powder them with the earth or sand, but it is better not to do it. From above cover capacity with seeds polyethylene film or glass and put to the warm place. When there are shoots, remove covering, deliver to capacity on light. Support constant soil moisture. When 1-2 real leaves grow, seedling dive in separate peat pots or disposable glasses, boxes from under yogurt, etc. After the earth on kitchen garden enough gets warm, it is possible to land strawberry.

2. At first correctly pave the way. If you are going to put on old bed, fertilize it humus or compost. But it is better to take the untouched earth. Cut and trample down weeds, but do not dig out at all and do not pull out – they will rot through and will become fertilizer for sweet berry. Humidify the earth. From above cover future klubnichnik with roofing material, powder up. Close all edges and joints boards or bricks. Instead of roofing material it is possible to use cardboard, dark film and similar materials. But they will serve only one season, roofing material – 3-4 years, recommend to grow up so many strawberry on one place.

3. Plan the locations of bushes. For everyone cut through in roofing material cross-wise small opening. On one leaf it is necessary to have no more than three, and better two rows of plants. Distance between ranks – 40 cm, between bushes – 20 cm. Thin peg make small pole, fill in it with water. Take bush of strawberry and it is accurate, trying not to damage, place roots in hole, having moved apart edges of roofing material. Change is complete.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team