How to grow up strawberry in the open ground

How to grow up strawberry in the open ground

At cultivation of strawberry in the open ground it is necessary to consider some nuances. It is necessary to remember that strawberry does not transfer excessive humidity and drying – it badly affects quality of berries.

Growing up strawberry, it is necessary to know certain technology. It perfectly develops on equal or with surface bias on the southwest. Very abrupt do not approach. It is not recommended to grow up in lowlands where cool air collects. In these parts maturing of strawberry will be slow, and she will be often ill. The southern slopes are considered as the bad place, there snow early thaws.

As the good site for cultivation serves such which is protected from wind. The root system freezes also at 10 degrees of frost. Strawberry does not take out strong moistening, but is hygrophilous plant. It is recommended to change each 2 years later the place of cultivation of strawberry because over time in soil different diseases begin to collect.

How to make multiple copies strawberry?

Sockets (seedling) which are grown up independently are necessary for reproduction. They grow on mustache of uterine bushes. The sockets which are closer to bush are considered as the best. It is necessary to leave no more than four sockets on one escape.

Over time the sockets which have appeared on escape begin to gain a foothold in the soil and the root system develops. For seedling the bushes growing and yielding fruits are considered as the best it is more than 2 years. Clayey grounds are not suitable for landing. On the sandy soil the plant yields few fruits and the small size (because of lack of moisture). The allocated space for landing of strawberry needs to be processed in 2 months.

Cultivation of strawberry

Ridges which have high finding of underground waters should be done on 40 cm. In dry places their size has to be about 10 cm. It is necessary to add peat, humus and sawdust to loamy and sandy soils. It is not necessary to add chloric fertilizers. It is necessary to sand the dug-over beds on 2 cm, it quickly heats up and dries that perniciously influences slugs and centipedes.

Landing of strawberry

Disembarkation of strawberry is carried out in July, it is desirable in the evening, so plants will be able quicker to acclimatize. On sockets there have to be more than three leaflets and the developed root system. The bought seedling should be washed out in solution (on 10 l of water 1 of h spoon of vitriol and 3 tablespoons of salt), having put it there for 15 minutes.

Landing strawberry, it is impossible to deepen root neck but only on ground level. After landing it is necessary to water from watering can with rain. If by winter the big bush is created, then next year there will be harvest.

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