How to grow up strawberry in the winter

How to grow up strawberry in the winter

Strawberry is considered summer berry. In the winter we eat it almost only in tinned look or frozen. Meanwhile, in growing up strawberry in the winter, there is nothing impossible. The truth the room which can be equipped under microgreenhouse for this purpose is necessary. It can be the uninhabited room in the house or even the shed if there rather warmly.

It is required to you

  • - polyethylene film or bags;
  • - device for welding of polyethylene or the soldering iron;
  • - distribution pipeline;
  • - tubes from droppers, on 3 on each bag;
  • - substrate;
  • - daylight lamps.


1. Make plastic bags. Width of such bag has to be about 16 cm, length — no more than 2 m. In principle, it is possible to find double polyethylene film of such width, but she is in shops not always. Besides, "sleeve" not always is white, and is necessary to you such that your beds passed light. Therefore take normal, rather strong polyethylene film and weld from it bags of the necessary sizes. Make lower edges of bag.

2. Fill bags with substrate of peat and perlite. Put bags on floor. Bags can be as much as necessary, but place them depending on the room sizes. No more than three bags are the share of each square meter of the area.

3. Make on each bag of 4 vertical cuts 6 cm long. They have to be located in chessboard order at distance not less than 20 cm from each other. The bed for strawberry is ready.

4. Place the distribution pipeline over beds. Bring to it rubber tubes, on 3 on each bag. Insert into each bag on 3 tubes at distance not less than 50 cm from each other. Tubes have to enter bag from above, from below and in the middle. Calculate amount of necessary nutritious solution. On its each bag about 2 liters a day will be required. In cut of bags plant strawberry seedling. On such "plantation" strawberry can be grown up all the year round.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team