How to grow up strawberry on windowsill

How to grow up strawberry on windowsill

Rather often fans of houseplants grow up greens, cucumbers and tomatoes on windowsill. Far less often at window it is possible to see the strawberry bush covered with fruits. Despite popular belief, berry can be grown up in the room. The main thing only is to create necessary conditions.

What grade will approach

First of all it is necessary to choose suitable grade of strawberry. Hothouse grades will be unsuitable for cultivation in room conditions. The remontant views with self-pollination fructifying all the year round unpretentious to temperature and duration of daylight hours will be suitable. Examples of successful room grades:

  • supry;
  • queen Elizabeth;
  • house delicacy.

Preparatory work

When the grade is chosen, it is necessary to decide on the place where the house gardener will grow up berries. More windowsills with fronting on the South will approach. As capacity for landing small pots from 3 l with openings on bottom for collecting surplus of water are used.

The way can be paved independently or to get in special shop. Are more suitable peat or biohumus substrate. Soil mix requires humus with sand and the coniferous earth. At the exit the soil should be slightly humidified and friable. It is not recommended to use the earth from kitchen garden extremely because of risk of dwelling of parasites in it.

Landing of seeds

Seeds place in the earth at small distance from each other and fill up with thin layer of earth. After that seedling is covered with polyethylene film, creating hotbed. Initially the pot goes away to the warm place. To place plant on windowsill and to remove hotbed it is possible after the first sprouts become visible. With the advent of leaves if necessary the plant can be replaced in more spacious capacity.

Landing of sapling

The option of cultivation of sapling which can be found on the seasonal dacha or in flower nurseries is more convenient. Previously it is necessary to powder bush with the earth and to place in the cool darkened place, for example, cellar. It becomes for the purpose of achievement of condition of rest. The root of plant has to completely and without podgib to be located in pot for landing. At the same time it is important to watch moisture content of the soil.

Lighting and temperature

Home-made strawberry requires 12-14-hour daylight hours. Without additional lighting it is impossible to meet this condition in winter time. It is allowed, as in summer hours additional luminous sources will be necessary. Are ideal for growth of berries of the daylight lamp which are placed over pots with plants.

Indoor temperature has to be not less than 18 degrees. If it is less than this value, it is necessary to apply auxiliary heating.

Watering and fertilizing

Strawberry needs regular watering and spraying, at the same time it is very vulnerable to stagnation of moisture. The gardener has to watch that the soil was in suitable state. Moistening of the soil is standard make each 3-4 days. It is necessary to feed up plant twice a month. Universal fertilizers will be suitable for houseplants or special fertilizers for strawberry. Grades with self-pollination do not need fertilizing.

At the correct approach and some skill practically everyone has opportunity to provide themselves with fresh strawberry at all seasons of the year. It will be pleasant to each plant breeder to see fruits of the efforts in the form of sweet berry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team