How to grow up strawberry remontant

How to grow up strawberry remontant

Remontant strawberry differs from normal in the fact that on one plant both flowers, and mature berries at the same time can be located. This culture fructifies all summer that does it especially interesting to cultivation on personal plots.

It is required to you

  • Seedling, earth, fertilizers, water, watering can, film


1. Since fall prepare beds. It is better to do them by grebnevy method, that is it is higher than the level of site. If desired it is possible to fence off beds wooden curb. Subsequently it will protect from slipping of fertile soil layer and organic fertilizers. Dig over the earth on shovel pin depth. Bring fresh manure or humus and also 15-20 g of superphosphate on each square meter of bed.

2. In the early spring, approximately in 2-3 weeks prior to expected landings, dig over the earth and scatter on its surface about 10-13 g of nitrogenous fertilizers, for example, of urea. Also through some time it is recommended to spray bed with Intavira solution or other substance which is frightening off mean insects. Do not worry: remontantstrawberriesthis substance is absolutely harmless to bushes of which you shortly plant.

3. Buy in usy shop or very young bushes. Make "talker" of equal proportions of humus and the garden earth, add a little water that smetanopodobny mix has turned out. Dip into it roots of remontant strawberry, leave for the night.

4. Plan on hole bed. It is better to place them in three ranks and in chessboard order. Between holes there have to be 40-50 cm. Now, when your bushes absolutely small, at you will be temptation to plant them more often. Do not do it. They will expand soon, to them will become close. Thickened landings will lead to shadowing, berries will badly grow ripe, the plant can strike decay. Not to allow similar misfortunes, land remontant strawberry with interval about half a meter.

5. Transfer saplings to holes so that "core" - that place from which leaves grow remained over ground level. It cannot be dug in at all. After landing surely water and cover with film. The film will protect remontant strawberry from drying and possible spring frosts. At the beginning of June the film can be removed. Carefully you prorykhlit the soil around bushes and make liquid fertilizing solution of potash saltpeter, using 1-3 g of substance on each liter of water.

6. Tear off all flowers blossoming in the first year. It will release reserve of nutrients which will go for strengthening and growth of bush. From second year, remontant strawberry will fructify from June to September. Only do not forget about agrotechnology and cover plants since the beginning of May with protective film.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team