How to grow up strong and healthy seedling

How to grow up strong and healthy seedling

Garden cultures are very vulnerable. Good growth depends on the mass of factors including from the correct watering, nutritiousness of soil and resistance to wreckers and diseases. For receiving good harvest it is necessary to pay special attention to seedling, weak seedlings are most vulnerable and begin to decay at the slightest mistakes made at care for them. Our recommendations of how to avoid problems at cultivation of seedling.

Leaves turn yellow, turn pale and fall down

Such problem occurs quite often. Small plants suffer from the shortage of light and excessive waterings. To correct situation, it is necessary to replace affected seedlings in fresh soil and to water them with weak solution of potassium permanganate. After change they need to be shaded the first few days, and then to transfer to the solar place.

If the mode of watering and lighting were correct, but at seedling leaflets turn yellow, then the shortage of nutritious elements can be the cause of it. Feed up seedlings complex fertilizer.

Carefully examine plant. If backs became black and have begun to rot, then not to save seedlings any more. Urgently remove them, otherwise decay can be thrown also on other plants.

Black leg

It is problem which often appear at excessive moistening of substrate. At seedling the escape darkens, and also roots soon rot. Seedlings wither and perish.

Urgent change in fresh, soft soil will help to correct situation. Make it them the cespitose earth, humus and clean bank sand. Add wood ashes. Spray saplings with the medicine Fundazol, doing solution according to the instruction. Further correctly look after landings, not pereuvlazhnyayta soil and do not allow overdrying.

Wall saltpetres on the soil

On the surface of soil yellowish or white spots often appear. It occurs in case soil is put too much salt. Because of it tips of leaves begin to dry as roots nchinat to take away nutrients not from substrate, and from elevated part of seedling.

Is the reason of emergence of wall saltpetres having watered with hard water. To correct situation, it is necessary to skim soil and to add fresh substrate. Seedling it is not necessary to feed up within two weeks. And to water only otstoyanny (it is better filtered) with water of room temperature.

Seedling is extended

Often the problem arises when seedling lacks light. Also too high temperature and abundant fertilizing can influence growth. To avoid it, when landing try to sow seeds less often. At emergence of two-three real leaflets you hold sword-play to separate glasses which place on windowsill freely.

Seedling to dosvechivayta. For this purpose use daylight lamps, having them at the level of 5-30 cm from plants. That seedlings were not coddled, grow up them at temperature not higher than +25 degrees. Water after drying of top layer in capacity with landings.

Spots on leaves

Examine plant. If specks transparent, then it means that the plant has got solar burn. Attract seedling so that direct sunshine did not get on plant. Spray seedlings with medicine Epin solution.

If specks on sheet plates have dirty-white shade with dark border at the edges, so seedling has ached with white spottiness. Remove such saplings. And to avoid situation further, carefully disinfect soil before landing of seeds.

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