How to grow up sweet cherry

How to grow up sweet cherry

There are several ways of landing of sweet cherry. It is possible to dig stones to the earth mixed with sand (in pots for the subsequent moving to the open ground or at once on beds at distance of 15 cm from each other). It is also possible to buy saplings or that is considered more effective for the further growth and fructification, to impart sweet cherry shank on cherry or wild cherry tree.

It is required to you

  • - several grades of sweet cherry and cherry;
  • - pots;
  • - scissors for cutting of branches;
  • - garden putty;
  • - shelter from rodents;
  • - manure, nitrogen and phosphoric fertilizers.


1. For successful cross-pollination and the subsequent infructescence in garden land 2 – 3 grades sweet cherries or cherry termsblossomingswhich coincide with blossoming of sweet cherry.

2. The site has to be protected from north. It is desirable to plant sweet cherry on gentle southern and southwest slopes. It is possible to place trees from South side of the building on the small height (but not on the hill). The height can be created independently, having raised soil level on half-meter.

3. Heavy clay and peaty soils and deep sandstones are not suitable for landing of sweet cherry. The earth has to be fertile, light, srednesuglinisty or sandy, rich moisture (but without stagnation of water) and air. In that case at enough precipitation sweet cherry can be not watered. However during too dry periods sweet cherry it is necessary "to give to drink" two times before gathering berries and two times after that.

4. Young trees grow very quickly, and they annually should be shortened, thinning out kroner. Cutting is carried out only in the early spring to swelling of kidneys. During sanitary removal of the broken, dry and sick branches it is necessary to smooth out and process garden putty cuts. Also only carry out fertilizing of trees by fresh manure and nitrogen or phosphoric fertilizers in the spring. Besides, in the spring and in the fall trunks of sweet cherries should be bleached at the basis, and for the winter the bottom of trees should be covered from rodents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team