How to grow up sweet pea

How to grow up sweet pea

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Quite often gardeners are engaged in cultivation of sweet pea. It well grows in those places where there is protection against wind and also good solar lighting. At cultivation of peas it is necessary to meet certain conditions. Otherwise it can die.


1. Best of all peas grow on well warmed up, fertile, air-permeable soil which has acidity rn 7.0-7.5 (neutral). It is not recommended to put it on the rehumidified site where there are close underground waters. Consider, it is also necessary to pave the way correctly. It is necessary to do it beforehand. Under redigging it is necessary to introduce compost, phosphoric and potash fertilizers. The acid kidney should be proizvestkovat. It is forbidden to bring fresh manure in the soil. It will cause fuzariozny withering of sweet pea. Also extremely it is not recommended to use nitrogen fertilizers. This culture is capable to fix atmosphere nitrogen.

2. It is necessary to sow peas in the early spring when snow descends and there will be sufficient warming up of the soil. The seed of sweet pea needs to be seeded in holes. Best of all on hole to use 2-3 seeds. Consider, the plant which is seeded from seeds will blossom only by the end of July. That flowers pleased longer, it is recommended to grow up them through seedling. In order that the seed sprouted quicker, he needs to be killed for day in water which temperature has to be not below 40 °C. Also it can be wiped between two layers of abrasive paper. At temperature of 18-20 °C the shoots will begin to appear in 6–10 days.

3. Care for peas means weeding and loosening. If you have put tall grades, then surely take care of their support. The grid and twine well is suitable for this purpose. In process of growth accurately direct escapes to the necessary situation and tie up.

4. The sweet pea represents fast-growing plant. Its core root deeply gets into the soil and extracts large amount of nutrients. It is recommended to stimulate growth of additional roots. For this purpose it is necessary to hill plant and to pour fertile substrate to the stalk basis.

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