How to grow up the curling roses

How to grow up the curling roses

The curling roses – the most optimal variant for vertical gardening and landscaping, are perfectly combined with various architectural forms. Grow up pletisty roses in regions with mild and warm climate. Decorate the site with this indescribable beauty. Learn to grow up the curling roses and it is correct to look after them.


1. It is necessary to plant pletisty roses in the solar and well aired places. This plant very much loves light therefore define for cultivation of rose the place on high site of the southern exposure. Good lighting will give the chance to develop to gain which can begin to blossom the next year. Not obligatory at all for the curling roses to choose the big area of the earth, rather small strip in 50 centimeters.

2. Prepare for landing of the curling hole rose, it is necessary to allocate 50х50 centimeters of the soil for one plant. Bring in each hole on half of bucket of the rotted-through manure and it is abundant water. Plant rose, cut off elevated part to the level of 20 centimeters. It is necessary for good blossoming and abundant growth further. If the curling roses are planted as decorative accessory for any object, then their landing has to be made at distance not less half a meter from it.

3. Care for pletisty roses consists in rare, but quite abundant watering, undercutting and fertilizing. Deflowered buds need to be cut off to stimulate additional blossoming. It is recommended to water roses once in 9-10 days. Around plant mulch the soil humus, grass, sawdust or straw. In two years after landing begin to feed up plants organic and mineral fertilizers. During the period of vegetation 4-5 similar fertilizing will be required.

4. The curling roses need periodic cutting which main goal is forming of krone, maintenance of plant in healthy state, receiving long and abundant blossoming. Besides, cutting allows to achieve object covering escapes. During the summer at roses grow long escapes. In the winter the climber is covered, and cut only the podoprevshy or frozen slightly escapes and also the ends of escapes on external kidney in the spring. Important role is also played by the garter of roses providing inclined, spiral or horizontal arrangement of branches, stimulating development of flower escapes.

5. In the winter of rose quite often perish not from frost, and it is rather from debate and soaking. Therefore in the winter between plants and the shelter there has to be airspace. At the end of August it is necessary to stop scarification and waterings, do not feed up nitrogen fertilizers (it is possible to introduce potash fertilizers for strengthening of escapes). When temperature falls up to-5-6 °C, begin to cover roses. Remove the curling roses from support and remove the begun to rot or damaged escapes, clean from leaves. Twist branches and tie lashes with twine, pin metal or wooden hooks to the earth. Under them lay fir twigs or dry leaves, from above cover escapes with wooden box (or fir twigs).

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