How to grow up the fructifying lemon

How to grow up the fructifying lemon

Citrus plants enjoy big popularity. Each their look is interesting in own way. Oranges have the most beautiful krone with dark green leaflets, tangerines it is possible to call the brightest, and at grapefruits fruits the largest. However the easiest to be engaged in cultivation of lemons.


1. If at cultivation use certain techniques, then it is possible to receive fruits at seedlings of citrus from stone for the fourth year after prorashchivaniye. For a start it is necessary to choose and seed seeds correctly.

2. It is necessary to choose the largest seeds from fruit of lemon and at once to seed them in small capacity. For this purpose it is possible to use glasses or pots. In capacity surely make drainage hole. It is recommended to execute previously processing of seed biological natural stimulator. For example, it is possible to lower stones for the night in sodium humate solution Sakhalin. It will well affect development of root system of plant. Then the seed needs to be lowered for 12 hours in water to which are added zircon and epin-extra. One drop it is necessary for glass of water. Such chemicals will stimulate acceleration of growth of seedlings. The main thing - they will be more resistant to conditions of insufficient illumination and dry air.

3. It is recommended to sow at the same time at least ten of plants. It will be in the future possible to select them them the best. Place stones of lemon in friable prime quality land on depth of 2 centimeters. Shoots will be already types in 5 months. After they grow up, it is necessary to pass accurately them in big capacity. The earth lump has to be surely kept. For acceleration of development of plant it is possible to add biohumus to soil mix.

4. In the first months of life of plant it is necessary to prevent one-stem development of seedling in the form of fishing-rod. It is necessary to execute stimulation of its side branching. During next "wave" of growth the top of escape needs to be prishchipyvat nail or tweezers. If after that there was no emergence of side escape, and again there is growth of top, then it needs to be removed again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team