How to grow up thistle from seeds

How to grow up thistle from seeds

Maryina prickles, Virgin Mary's gift, sharp floridly - so in the people call thistle. This strongest herb helping at treatment of diseases of liver. Can grow up it everyone on the site.

Grow up thistle direct crops of seeds in soil in the spring, from the middle of April to the middle of May. In later terms because of rise of temperature, siccations of top soil, shoots can not appear at all. For cold regions the crops can be carried out also at the end of May when the soil gets warm up to 8...10 wasps. Seeds sow on depth of 2...3 cm. Shoots can unevenly appear, from 7... 10 days up to two weeks.

Seeds at thistle oily, from them prepare the well-known curative oil. For the fastest viability on the eve of crops it is possible to carry out skarifikation of seeds or to wet them several times in warm water. Some recommend to ret seeds on 10... 15 minutes in alcohol or vodka then to dry slightly and to sow.

Also the way of cultivation of seedling of the house with its subsequent disembarkation on the site is possible. Changes small seedlings are not afraid. It is more preferable to choose the place for cultivation of thistle solar, though the plant will grow in easy half-shade too. If the soil feeder and in it is humus, ashes, then plants quickly gain growth and form flower baskets in July. The thistle cannot be grown up on silnouvlazhnenny places.

Considering that plants of thistle grow in height about 1.5 m and in width the radical leaves reach 60...80 cm, between shoots leave distance from 35 cm to 50 cm. Besides, leaves at it prickly. Therefore, plantation it is worth having in places where it will not cling at movement on the site. It is convenient to put it at fence in one row. It is possible to land it on the background in flower beds. The thistle has colourful motley leaves and long blossoms.

At the beginning it is necessary to look after young seedlings and to help them with fight against weeds. Generally, the thistle does not require special attention and it is considered plant unpretentious. Unless, in dry weather it needs to be watered. Diseases and wreckers practically avoid thistle.

At thistle all parts of plant have therapeutic effect. Young leaves and scapes add to salads. They possess wound healing action, regulate and normalize metabolism, clean organism from toxins.

Collecting baskets with seeds is begun in August, and at the end of fall prepare leaves and backs. On one plant under favorable conditions 15 are formed... 20 baskets, and are about 100 g of medical seeds. It is necessary to collect only dark seeds, light will be immature. Prickly boxes with seeds cut off secateurs and dry on small sieve, and then thresh. Store seeds in fabric sacks. The thistle is grown up in one-year culture therefore do not forget to collect seeds. They can scatter on all site wind and give unpredictable self-sowing.

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