How to grow up thyme

How to grow up thyme

The thyme is known in common people as thyme which with pleasure is grown up by many gardeners on the seasonal dacha. It is not only the amazing perfumer and the culinary specialist, but also the excellent assistant in traditional medicine. Sprouts of this plant use for additives in soups, marinades, salads and meat dishes. Grow up thyme and enjoy its unusual aroma.


1. To grow up thyme – it means to create favorable conditions for its development. This quite thermophilic plant, which breeds seeds. Their germination requires the raised soil moisture. But adult plants of thyme badly transfer excess humidity. At lack of heat, shoots grow very slowly. If to plant thyme in shadow that is extremely inadmissible, the content of essential oils will be very low and the plant will not go to growth.

2. Before planting thyme, it is necessary to pave the way carefully. For a start remove the previous cultures on that place where you were going to plant thyme. After that plow the soil on depth about 30 centimeters and proboronuyta. In the early spring again the site needs to be harrowed in two directions in 2-3 traces.

3. Before sowing preparation of the soil, it is possible to fertilize it as this plant treats on organic fertilizers kindly. For this purpose manure (40-60 tons on 1 hectare) or humus will quite fit (10-15 tons on 1 hectare).

4. It is necessary to sow thyme dry seeds in the early spring, for this purpose use ordinary method of landing with row-spacings about 45 centimeters. Depth of landing of seeds has to be 0.5 - 1 centimeters.

5. In initial stage of development of plant, the thyme requires special care. Begin fight against weeds as soon as possible. At the first shoots it is worth carrying out weeding of weeds and scarification in row-spacings. During the entire period of growth of thyme, maintain constant purity of crops, especially before harvesting.

6. For the first time remove thyme during mass blossoming, and the second – in one-two months prior to the end of the vegetative period. For the entire period of growth it is possible to cut off leaves and escapes several times. After that do not forget to feed up plants mineral fertilizers.

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