How to grow up to Artemy

How to grow up to Artemy

Artemy – the zhabronogy Crustacea occupying salty reservoirs of the southern regions of Russia. This zooplankton is appreciated by the nutritious properties and widely used for fertilizing of whitebaits of different types of aquarian fishes. Eggs Artemy have large-scale of natural adaptation and several years under certain conditions are capable to be stored. They can be bought in any pet-shop.

It is required to you

  • Hydrochloric solution, capacity, water, the dried-up eggs


1. For its cultivation in house conditions you need hydrochloric solution (20 g of salt on water half of liter), the dried-up eggs (about 1/2 tsps), the volume of 0.75 l (for example, plastic bottle with stopper) and the continuous temperature of water 24-30oC. The temperature is higher, the crustaceans hatch quicker, on average it takes 20-40 hours.

2. In the prepared capacity pour brine of the necessary temperature, spray eggs, close cover with two made openings for two plastic tubes. One – long, for supply of oxygen on bottom of capacity and hashing of eggs, the second – short, for removal of air (not reaching water surface). The appeared naupliya Artemy merge in net with small grid (N73), well wash with water and feed to fishes. It is necessary to remember that crustaceans live in fresh water of 6-8 hours and keep in the lit places.

3. If you have decided to grow up to Artemy, it is necessary to provide them nutrient medium in separate small aquarium with poorly salt water.

4. In 12 hours after birth of larva begin to eat independently seaweed (it is possible to get in pet-shop), the "green" water (merged from aquarium and exposed to sun 2-3 days) or dry insoluble mix (from yeast, flour, soy powder and egg yolk).

5. It is necessary to feed Artemy often, at the same time the quantity of forage is defined by practical consideration and should not pollute water strongly. Water changes 2 times a week.

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