How to grow up to host

How to grow up to host

Beauties hosts have won the hearts of fans of floriculture long ago. And if you have shady site, host that plant which is necessary for you. Shadow which is cast by trees and high bushes allow leaves host – to lovers of the shaded places, long time to keep decorative effect. Beautifully these flowers look if to plant them the tape framing composition of plants on your site that is to use them as border. Or to scatter them on all area of the mixed landing, alternating with other bushes and perennials.


1. At these beautiful plants, perhaps, one shortcoming – quite high cost of saplings. If you want to plant trees and shrubs in the big site of garden hosts, but the family budget does not allow to gain large number of saplings at once, try to multiply them seeds. In such a way, for the third year you receive good copies in quantity necessary to you. Practically all grades host tie seeds which reach maturity 6-8 weeks later after pollination at the end of August or the first half of September. Wait for the moment when seed boxes grow brown and its shutters will reveal. It is possible to collect seeds.

2. That by summer at you good seedling has turned out, seed seeds in the first half of January. They will sprout for 20-25 day. Optimum temperature of content of crops - +18-20 degrees. Pick up for landing containers 8-10 cm high with openings in the bottom for water drain.

3. It is necessary that pochvosmes was easy, friable, without rough lumps and firm particles. Mix for soil make of one part cespitose, 2 parts sheet, 1 part of coarse-grained sand. To prevent disease of "black leg" warm up mix on water bath.

4. Seed seeds at the rate of one sunflower seed on one square centimeter, powder from above with soil, condense and water. Cover with glass or film.

5. With the advent of the first rostochok, deliver to capacity with crops closer to light. It is possible to highlight them fluorescent lamps.

6. As soon as the danger of returnable frosts passes, take out small hosts on the street.

7. Seedlings host grow very slowly, be gathered by patience. By the end of the first summer season yours will have host only three small leaves. Be not upset, in two years they will show all external signs of plant.

8. Plant seedling to the open ground in the second half of summer, hosts will manage to gain strength and will well winter. Thus, you will be able to decorate your garden with border from these remarkable ornamental plants.

9. Also you can multiply hosts by means of division of bush. If to be necessary for you some bushes, use it as it is less troublesome.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team