How to grow up treat

How to grow up treat

The fruit with juicy white pulp covered with solid abrasive paper has come to us from tropics. Many ask question how to grow up treat from stone, having tried its fruits at least once.

It is required to you

  • - fruit treat;
  • - pot of the average size;
  • - water;
  • - drainage;
  • - fabric;
  • - soil;
  • - plastic cup or piece of polyethylene.


1. Treat — the evergreen tree capable to reach in height of 35 m. Fruits of this plant ripen 120 days later after blossoming. The tree breeds treat in various ways, but cultivation most of all will be suitable for northern latitudes treat from stone.

2. At first it is necessary to get fruits in grocery store treat. Pulp can be eaten, and here stones will be necessary for cultivation.

3. Take long piece of fabric and wet it clear water. Wind each stone with it and postpone them for 5-7 days. You watch that fabric was damp all the time. It is impossible to allow it drying at all.

4. 5-7 days later the stone has to inflate. On this sign it is possible to understand that it is ready to jumping.

5. Take pot of the average size and do several holes in day. So excess water after watering will leave and will not damage to root system. On bottom of pot it is necessary to lay out drainage layer. As the soil use universal soil. Before landing slightly moisten it with water.

6. To grow up treat, the stone needs to be landed on depth no more than 1.5 cm. It is allowed to plant in one pot at once 2 seeds treat. After landing moderately water the earth with soft otstoyanny water. Then create greenhouse effect, having covered the place where the stone has been put, with plastic cup or having leaky covered pot with polyethylene. The pot has to be in the warm place. It is possible even to put it near the battery.

7. Every day it is necessary to slightly open glass or to remove film and to delete the condensate which has accumulated on surface. The earth needs to be moistened with water daily.

8. Treat in house conditions has to ascend in 2-3 weeks. After you see the first sprout, it will be possible to remove film or glass. It is important to note that after vskhod the plant has to be located in half-shade. After emergence of 2 couples of sheets, treat it is possible to replace in big pot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team