How to grow up treat from stone

How to grow up treat from stone

Earlier people even did not suspect about existence of exotic fruit and if knew, then had no opportunity to try them. Now times have changed, in supermarkets it is possible to buy various overseas fruit, for example treat, and even to try to grow up them from stone in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - stones treat;
  • - pot;
  • - organic fertilizers;
  • - fertile soil.


1. Small and oval fruits of plant from above are covered with the peel of red color covered with peaked pimples. Inside the jellylike light pulp which is tasting like grapes. If you at least once in life tried treat, then for certain you know that inside there is dense dark brown stone.

2. Separate stone from pulp and carefully wash, roll up in damp fabric and leave in the warm place for week. Remember that fabric should not dry at all, constantly moisten it with warm water. Turn one or one and a half weeks the stone has to bulk up a little, now it can be landed in small pot (for violets) with prime quality land.

3. Best of all treat grows on the soil sourish, well trained and rich with organic matters. If previously to split stone, then the sprout from seed will appear quicker. Make small deepening in the center of pot, put stone and powder with two-centimetric layer of the earth. Water with the warm and settled water.

4. Periodically you loosen the earth that roots received enough oxygen. Do not water plant too often as whimsical seed treat will not undergo moisture surplus, will begin to rot slowly. For waterings it is necessary to use water of room temperature which has settled within one-two days. When there is sprout, introduce fertilizers. Buy in special shop organic fertilizers for exotic plants, you part according to the instruction.

5. When the sprout reaches in height of ten centimeters, accurately replace it in pot, large diameter. Treat it is also possible to feed up manure, compost or mineral fertilizers. Regular fertilizing warns exhaustion of the soil and promotes abundant blossoming of tree.

6. In the first two years of life apply undercutting of tree to give it the accurate form. Create the conditions close to natural. Treat prefers to grow in humid climate therefore two-three times a day spray plant from spray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team