How to grow up trees

How to grow up trees

To grow up tree, it is important to plant it correctly and carefully to look after it. It is better to plant saplings of trees in the fall, after falling off of foliage and approach of dormant period. Spring disembarkation gives the worst survival. If saplings are dug correctly out and transported, then it is possible to plant them at any time.


1. It is better to plant trees far from underground services as roots expand in the parties on several meters.

2. Dig out not deep, but wide hole. Width has to be three times more than sapling roots. Around well loosen the soil.

3. Too deeply it is not necessary to dig in sapling. The tree will lack oxygen for growth and development.

4. Level tree. Having filled up hole it will not be possible to make it.

5. The soil when landing is necessary fertile. Fill up hole on third and slightly stamp. Gradually fill up the rest, ram in order to avoid emptiness. It is impossible to fertilize and water with fertilizers when landing.

6. Put wooden props or stakes from two parties. Tie to them sapling. It is possible to remove props in year.

7. Constantly humidify the soil around sapling. With approach of fall stop waterings.

8. After full rooting when the sapling takes root, the soil can be fertilized mineral additives.

9. Form crown voluntarily. It is better to do it after the end of the period of vegetation or before it.

10. Every spring it is desirable to bleach trees lime. It will help to eliminate microbes and will be prevention from infection with diseases.

11. From attack of wreckers sprinkle tree special means for processing.

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