How to grow up tsiniya

How to grow up tsiniya

Tsiniya – unpretentious plant, pleasant the variety of colors. Tsiniya have surprising ability to give new flowers while old look still quite fresh. At minimum of cares of this plant, it gives return maximum to the owners.


1. Cultivation of seedling. It is the most difficult period in flower life as shoots can decay and not sprout. Take tsiniya seeds in damp soft matter, observing temperature of 25 degrees. As soon as there are first shoots, at once begin to sow them in pots with moderately damp fertile soil. Before landing introduce to the soil complex fertilizers with the low content of nitrogen. In 2 weeks after emergence of shoots begin to feed up tsiniya every 7-10 days.

2. Now boarding. If you land tsiniya in flower bed, take care of sufficient space for flowers. The distance between saplings has to be about 30-40 centimeters, depending on height and width of bush. If you part tsiniya in pots, then for the first disembarkation they have to be small. Put drainage on bottom of pot or hole, from above add humus or peat, then the soil flavored with complex fertilizer. Close up seeds on depth about 5 millimeters. Water right after landing.

3. Leaving. After your plants a little grow up, thin out landings for good air circulation. In process of blossoming it is necessary to delete by all means deflowered inflorescences not to allow their rotting. Process tsinniya fungicides, since the second half of August to protect them from disease. Tsiniya – thermophilic plants, do not transfer drafts and frosts. Provide them continuous access of heat and light. Constantly fertilize the soil humus, mineral and nutrients.

4. Collecting and storage of seeds. Begin to collect tsiniya seeds in the early fall. Prepare several envelopes. Pick the dried-up flowers, accurately break off them and take out seeds, ssypav them in the prepared envelope. So do with flowers which palette you want to keep and put. Inscribe each envelope not to mix.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team