How to grow up vanilla

How to grow up vanilla

Much like the weakening sensual aroma of vanilla. People have so got used to vanilla milkshakes, pastries with vanillin, to vanilla coffee and even cosmetics on the basis of vanilla that badly imagine vanilla as evergreen liana – the close relative of orchid. And this is true! Moreover – vanilla it is possible to grow up houses.

It is required to you

  • - substrate of bark, garden earth and peat;
  • - warm water, spray;
  • - prop for lianas or cachepot;
  • - fertilizer for orchids.


1. As well as any orchid, young vanilla can be bought in flower shop. Replace it in pot with the substrate consisting of the crushed bark – it is desirable from coniferous trees, the garden earth and peat (or two thirds of bark and third of the earth). Vanilla loves the friable, air-permeable soil.

2. Place the container with vanilla in the warm place. In the winter temperature has to be not less than 20 degrees of heat, in the summer – not less than 25 degrees. Good lighting is of also great importance (but not direct sunshine!). It is possible to grow up vanilla near window – from South side. Protect flower from drafts and cold air.

3. It is abundant water and spray vanilla – she very much loves moisture. Do not allow the earth to dry out. Water temperature for watering has to be 35-45 degrees. In warm season it is possible to lower pot with vanilla in water.

4. Do not allow stagnation of water. You watch that water did not contain lime. Feed up plant of times in 2-3 weeks special mineral fertilizer for orchids.

5. Put in pot or about it support, vanilla is after all liana. If to cut off vanilla, it will branch and be fluffy. Thanks to strong rack or even to the hanging cachepot you receive original live decoration of the room.

6. Try that night time temperature was always 4-5 degrees lower day. This first condition for house vanilla blossoming. The second condition – buds will appear only on liana which has grown at least by 6 meters. However if it is good to look after vanilla, it in month grows almost by meter. Each two years liana should be replaced.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team