How to grow up white currant

How to grow up white currant

White currant – well of vitamins and useful substances. Its berries contain large amount of carotene, pectinaceous substances, mineral salts, tannins and also vitamins K, RR, E, B1 and B2. Berries of currant are simply irreplaceable in baby food. Find a little place on the personal plot and plant at least one bush of white currant.

White currant is drought-resistant plant therefore does not demand frequent waterings, it has quite strong root system. This bush prefers to grow on light, does not transfer shadow. Therefore it is necessary to land currant on open area, but not under trees not to shade bush. The powerful root system will better feel on the fertilized and cultivated soils. For bush are equally good loamy, clay, sandy loams and sandy soils.

Culture practically does not transfer vymokaniye therefore on the site with high standing of underground waters or periodically exposed to potopleniye, land white currant on bulk hills. Optimum time for landing of currant – the end of September - the beginning of October. At planting of bushes keep distance between plants of one and a half meters.

Dig out landing holes 60х60 cm wide, depth has to be about 40 cm. Mix the top fertile layer of the earth from 10 kg of humus, 1 glass of wood ashes and the same amount of superphosphate. Lay the prepared mix on the bottom of the dug-out hole and on 10 cm cover prime with earth without addition of fertilizers not to burn sapling roots. Place sapling at an angle in 45o, straighten roots. Fill up hole with the soil remains, condense it, but not legs. Carefully water bush and mulch pristvolny circle. In conclusion it is necessary to tear off all leaves of sapling and to cut escapes, leave above the ground only five kidneys. The bush is formed within five years. Correctly created bush of currant has to have four evenly located and strong radical escape of every year of growth. Fertilize white currant organic chemistry, you introduce in the early spring nitrogen fertilizers – bird's dung with water in proportion 1:20 or mullein 1:10. The second fertilizing has to be made during blossoming of bush. After gathering berries fertilize bush phosphorus-potassium structures. As currant is quite sensitive to chlorine, it is recommended to bring wood ashes or sulfate potassium.

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