How to grow up wild strawberry on seedling

How to grow up wild strawberry on seedling

The garden wild strawberry on the site can be grown up from the implanted mustache or from seeds. The easiest and the method used more often than others - rooting of mustache. However it is not always possible. In such cases the wild strawberry can try to be grown up from seeds, having received seedling.

Features of cultivation of seedling of wild strawberry

Cultivation of wild strawberry, as well as strawberry, from seeds - quite labor-intensive and long process. However such way of cultivation has pluses. The berry which is grown up from seeds has no diseases which are transmitted at reproduction of bushes by mustache. Besides, there will be no problem with delivery of planting stock since unlike seedling, seeds are quite transportable. And the difference in the price between seeds and seedling is also essential.

Best of all seeds the small-fruited wild strawberry of grades without mustache "Baron Solemakher", Ali-Baba, "Alpine" breeds. Such wild strawberry can fructify even at window in the apartment.

At crops of wild strawberry special attention needs to be paid to soil: it has to be disinfected by prozharivaniye. It is better to choose capacity for landing of wild strawberry plastic that there was no opportunity to breed to mold fungi. Before landing the pots need to be processed potassium permanganate.

Preparation and crops of seeds

Optimum term for crops of wild strawberry from the 20th of January prior to the beginning of March. Seeds before crops needs to be stratified, i.e. to wet for day in water, then to put for 2-3 days in the fridge on the lower shelf. For soaking and stratification it is very convenient to use cotton pads: on one disk you display seeds, and you cover with another from above.

Before crops of wild strawberry the soil in landing pot needs to be condensed, spilled water. Then to spread out seeds to the surfaces of the soil, to press slightly into the earth. It is necessary to sow wild strawberry accurately. Seeds very small therefore it is quite difficult to work with them. Besides, they very long sprout, it is necessary to wait for shoots about 40 days. Also crops are very exacting to microclimate: in that place where there is seedling, it has to be warm and damp. It is the best of all to cover from above pot with glass or polyethylene film. It is necessary to watch constantly that inside condensate was not formed - it is sign of temperature drop at which mold mushrooms begin to grow.

Peat tablets are very convenient in use. When soaking they increase in the amount of and turn into peat glass.

Care for seedling

The important rule - at prorashchivaniye is required to wild strawberry dosvechivaniye since this plant of long day. For this purpose it is possible to use daylight lamps. Duration of light conditions has to be 12-14 hours. It is necessary to water the arisen shoots extremely carefully. It is the best of all to use spray for this purpose. Right after emergence of shoots it is necessary to pour the soil in pot to the level of cotyledons. At emergence 3-4 couples of real leaves of plant need to be raspikirovat in separate glasses. Very important at this moment not to fill up growth point, otherwise seedling will die. If you have passed all stages safely, can quite hope for receiving harvest from your bushes of wild strawberry in the first year.

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