How to grow up yellow tulips

How to grow up yellow tulips

Tulip – the bulbous plant relating to family of lily family. More than hundred species of this plant, apart from artificially removed grades are known. Yellow coloring meets both at specific, and among many groups of high-quality tulips. From specific tulips yellow flowers at tulip forest and tulip volosistotychinkovy. From high-quality yellow tulips the fringed grade of "Maya", terry Monte Carlo and liliyetsvetny "Vest by Poynt" are rather extended.

It is required to you

  • - bulbs of tulips;
  • - compost;
  • - slaked lime;
  • - wood ashes;
  • - nitrogen fertilizers;
  • - potash fertilizers;
  • - phosphoric fertilizers;
  • - potassium permanganate.


1. The site of the friable neutral soil will be suitable for landing of tulips. Soil with sour reaction before planting of tulips should be processed lime, and on heavy clay sites for change of structure of the soil it is necessary to bring sand. Choose the place which will be well lit until the end of spring.

2. Dig over the site intended under tulips, having brought the rerotting compost, slaked lime and wood ashes when redigging. It is necessary to plant bulbs in soil in the fall when temperature of the soil falls to ten degrees.

3. Bulbs put the ranks located in twenty centimeters one from another. Depth of seal of tulips to the earth depends on the bulb size: the soil layer with thickness in three heights of bulb has to cover it. Between plants among there has to be distance from five to ten centimeters.

4. Specific tulips, unlike high-quality, can be not dug out within several years. It is necessary to increase distance between large bulbs when landing to twenty centimeters.

5. In the spring tulips it is necessary to feed up several times, watching that fertilizers did not get on leaves. Right after shoots seem, it will be required to bring in the soil ninety grams nitric, as much phosphoric and sixty grams of potash fertilizers on square meter of landings.

6. Before blossoming feed up tulips the solution prepared at the rate of twenty grams nitric, as much potash and thirty grams of phosphoric fertilizers on water bucket. On square meter of landing three buckets of solution will be required.

7. After tulips fade, they will need thirty grams of phosphoric and twenty grams of the potash fertilizers dissolved in water. Break off seed boxes of high-quality tulips, having left peduncle. At specific tulips the turned yellow foliage and deflowered flowers are deleted in the fall.

8. When two thirds of leaves of tulip turn yellow, dig out bulbs and spread out plants to drying for a period of two up to four days. Clean bulbs from leaves and roots, separate slots and sort planting stock by the sizes. It is recommended to wet bulbs for half an hour in potassium permanganate solution.

9. Dry bulbs and put away them on storage in cardboard boxes. It is necessary to keep these boxes dry with temperature from twenty three to twenty five degrees. In August storage temperature of bulbs decreases to twenty, and by September – to fifteen degrees.

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