How to grow wild strawberry from seeds

How to grow wild strawberry from seeds

The wild strawberry garden is one of the most well-loved by gardeners of berries. Almost on any site it is possible to meet several bushes or the whole plantation of fragrant wild strawberry. It is possible to grow up wild strawberry from seeds. Today the set of different grades is on sale.


1. Take out seeds wild strawberry from bag and put them in saucer. Wet in rain or melt snow water for 2-3 days. At the same time it is necessary to change water 2 times a day. When sunflower seeds bulk up, put them on the saucer covered with toilet paper. Sprinkle paper water. Put away saucer in transparent plastic bag and deliver to light and in heat, but not to the direct sun.

2. While seeds sprout, prepare soil mix. Connect coarse sand, biohumus and peat in equal quantities. If instead of biohumus you take humus, it is necessary to put it twice more. Before landing of seeds soil should be warmed up and humidified, filled up in capacity for seedling.

3. When sunflower seeds arise, by means of tweezers or match put everyone in the paved way. It has to be rather friable. It is necessary to sow seeds at distance not less than 2 cm from each other and on depth no more than 0.5 cm. Then accurately humidify the earth with seeds from spray cover surface of seedling capacity with transparent polyethylene or glass.

4. When there are shoots, polyethylene or glass can be removed. Do not forget to water wild strawberry in time, but not its pereuvlazhnyayta. When two real leaflets are formed, it is necessary to dive seedling, that is to seat it in separate tanks. It is necessary to land in soil at approach of steady heat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team