How to hammer anchor

How to hammer anchor

Expression "to hammer anchor" not absolutely answers the nature of operation which is carried out when mounting anchor. Even that type of anchor which is called "drive" actually is not hammered, and fastens in the basis by wedging of its sleeve. Distinguish two main types of fastening of anchors – by means of glue (chemical anchors) and by wedging (mechanical anchors).

It is required to you

  • - chemical anchor;
  • - drive anchor;
  • - electric drill;
  • - pobeditovy drills;
  • - epoxy resin.


1. Get ready anchor or make it. There are many types of the anchors of production production differing with assignment and way of fastening – chemical, wedge, frame, drive (with internal thread) and other. Will not make special work to pick up to itself the product meeting your requirements.

2. If nevertheless the anchor of absolutely exclusive form is required, it can be made most. At the same time it must be kept in mind two moments. That end of anchor which is closed up in the basis has to have expansion on the end – for reliable fastening. The thickening can be built up welding, or it is necessary just to flatten out the end of bolt that in one of the directions it became wider than the diameter. And one more necessary condition. Length of the closed-up part has to be not less than in 6-7 times more of diameter of anchor.

3. Drill opening of the necessary diameter in the basis. At installation of purchased mechanical anchors it has to correspond precisely to those values which are specified in the instruction. At installation of purchased chemical or self-made product the diameter of bore has to be 1-2 mm more than diameter of anchor. You make drilling the pobeditovy drill installed in electric drill. On sale there are drills with pobeditovy tips with a diameter up to 16 mm. If your anchor has large diameter, drilling in concrete should be carried out diamond crown. Work with it will require more powerful electric drill.

4. Carefully clean the drilled opening from crumbs and dust by means of brush or blowing off with rubber pear.

5. If you use purchased mechanical anchor, establish it in opening by easy blows of the hammer and wedge that way which primenitelen to this type of anchors. It can be wedging by means of nut running or with use special small beard, the anchor inserted inside. At blow up to small beard the hammer, he wedges the sleeve in the depth of opening. Make sure that the anchor strongly keeps in opening. If necessary strengthen wedging.

6. At installation of chemical anchor (purchased or self-made) prepare glue mix, having mixed two components of glue in necessary proportions. Fill with this mix the cleaned opening on 2/3 and rotational motion insert anchor into opening on full depth. Fill gap between anchor and the basis that glue which was squeezed out from opening at installation. After glue a little grabs, smooth down surface around anchor and remove surplus of glue from surface. Before loading anchor, give time I glue to harden according to the instruction to it.

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