How to hand over giving

How to hand over giving

Rent of country houses becomes more and more popular every year. Not all have desire and opportunity to get giving in private use. And here are ready to rent lodge outdoors for certain term many.


1. If giving needs to be handed over quickly - involve all possible resources. Involve real estate agency in procedure. Among his clients very quickly there will be persons interested to rent country house. However, you should not forget that the agency takes certain percent for the services. It is better to discuss this moment at once. Agree that in whole or in part, payment of the commission has fallen on the tenant.

2. Place information on free portals on sale and rent. For example,,, week after placement of the announcement to use paid functions there is no sense. Your text already will be among the first, the looked most through.

3. In the announcement in detail describe giving, having specified plottage and houses. Mark absence or availability of communications - water supply system, the gas equipment, heating. Whether there is furniture, necessary for accommodation, and household appliances. Write how many kilometers to the next settlement, proximity of public transport stops. Also the cost of rent is increased by the shops located nearby, entertainment centers, the wood, the lake.

4. Choose the best photos of giving. Surely there has to be look outside and the image of internal furniture of rooms. Place pictures together with the text of the announcement. Messages with photo are checked much more often.

5. Do not overstate rent cost if giving needs to be handed over quickly. If there is no hurry - specify the most attractive to you cost. The client all the same will be, it is only necessary to wait a little. To learn fork of the prices, look for similar announcements on the Internet.

6. The most successful time for delivery of country house for rent - the end of April, before May holidays. May - people look for dachas for the summer. December - the increasing number of people wishes to spend New Year's holidays in nature with every to years. During these periods the giving can be handed over at the most favorable price.

7. Tell all family and acquaintances that giving is leased. Perhaps, someone from them will want to remove lodge, or will advise the one to whom it is interesting.

8. Prepare documents on the property right in advance. It is quite probable that the tenant will want to make sure of purity of the transaction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team