How to hang out pictures

How to hang out pictures

In many apartments of picture became integral part of interior. They point to tastes and preferences of owners of the dwelling. Some collect collection of especially valuable copies, they pass from father to son and are pride of family. That pictures were available to viewing and corresponded to style of the room, they need to be placed correctly.


1. Pictures it is necessary to have on the free wall which is not blocked up with furniture and other objects.

2. On one wall hang up pictures close on style and sense. If the meaning of pictures does not correspond to other pictures, place them separate groups.

3. Pick up for placement in one group not only pictures close for subject, but also corresponding by the size. They can be hanged out, having arranged in one row or down.

4. Hang out pictures of the different size by the principle, the higher from eyes, the more picture.

5. Do not place especially valuable copies groups. They have to be in free space that the one who considers them, was not distracted by other pictures.

6. Hang up big pictures only in the large room that there was sufficient space for their viewing.

7. In small rooms have pictures of the average sizes or the smallest copies.

8. It is necessary to hang up cloths always at the level of eyes or is slightly lower. Mark the attaching height which seems to you, the most suitable and hang up a little below. It will be the most correct and convenient option that the picture has drawn attention to itself.

9. And you receive guests in the room where you have dinner, place pictures at the level of eyes of the person sitting at table.

10. Around big picture if desired it is possible to place smaller. If you hang up above convenient level for viewing, then incline pictures by means of special cord.

11. Pictures have to not only be combined with each other on style and subject, but also to correspond to room function in which they are located. For example, in the living room and the room where you cook and you take food, it is better to place easy still lifes with fruit or flowers than the pictures which are not combined with room function.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team