How to hang regiments

How to hang regiments

Houses and at the dacha, in the apartment and in garage, sometimes happens it is necessary to hang regiments. Of course, it is possible to entrust this work to experts, however, following the instruction, each man and even the woman will be able to make it independently.

It is required to you

  • - Level;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - hammer;
  • - piece of rubber 3 - 4 mm thick;
  • - drill;
  • - drills;
  • - screws with plastic dowel stoppers;


1. The book, economic, decorative regiments different according to the destination, fasten almost equally. Before hanging regiments, exempt space from things and objects which can prevent you. Check reliability of fastening of canopies. They have to be densely fastened to the shelf. Not to scratch wall or other surface where the shelf will hang, cut out from rubber 4 squares with the party 2 cm, and paste them on shelf corners. They will also serve for the best airing of back wall of the shelf and wall.

2. Apply the shelf backside to the place where it will be, and in the center of opening of canopy make mark. It is the center of drilling. If from canopy opening there is cut mark up it is necessary to do in upper part of cut.

3. Clean the shelf and drill in noted center drill opening. The diameter of bore has to be equal to diameter of dowel, and depth of drilling is equal to stopper length. Hammer with the hammer dowel into opening up to the end and the screw-driver twist screw with the gap equal to thickness of canopy plus 2 – 3 mm there.

4. Holding one region of the shelf with hand, fix canopy of free edge on the established screw and establish level on the horizontal plane. Moving the free region of the shelf up or down, achieve strictly horizontal position of the plane on level. Keeping the shelf in the established situation, in opening or cut of free canopy make mark of the second center of drilling.

5. Establish the second screw. Accurately hang the shelf and twirl screws up to the end. It should be noted that regiments sometimes fasten on brackets which are in the lower part. In this case the order of work is similar to order of fastening of the shelf on canopies, and the centers of drillings note through the centers of openings in brackets.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team