How to hang up carpet on wall

How to hang up carpet on wall

Though today it is also considered that wall carpets have got out of fashion long ago, less they from it did not become. Still many people buy graceful bright cloths, them with with which pleasure decorate walls of the dwelling. Such carpet not only creates cosiness in the room, but also perfectly protects the room from cold walls in winter season. In order that the carpet has served for many years, it is necessary to look after it carefully and first of all it is correct to hang up on wall to avoid possible wrinkles, folds and even holes.


1. Any carpet, and especially natural woolen, – thing rather heavy therefore it is necessary to hang up it on wall by means of special fastenings. In most cases for this purpose hostesses just get in sewing shops so-called carpet rings – the metal ringlets supplied with legs with cuts for threads. They are sewn on all upper edge of carpet equally spaced.

2. When all rings are strong sewn, the ruler on wall marks the corresponding points into which carnations are driven in. Then on them the carpet is hung up. It is easiest and traditional way to hang up carpet on wall, but not the best. First, at the same time the wall as nails it is required much spoils, secondly, over time the carpet begins to sag between the fixed rings and to gather in folds which are very difficult for destroying.

3. More sparing way is to hang up carpet on wooden rail. For this purpose in upper part of wall openings at distance on carpet width are drilled. Traffic jams to which in turn by means of screws the wooden rail is attached are hammered into them. Small carnations at a short distance from each other are driven in into rail, and on them already carpet by means of numerous clowns of rings is hung up. But this way will be suitable only for the brick house in which it is possible to drill walls.

4. If there is no wish to hang up carpet by means of rings for fear that on it there will be folds and wrinkles, it is possible to use nylon thread and steel wire. For this purpose the upper edge of carpet from reverse is quilted nylon thread so that stitches the size did not exceed 50 mm. Through them pass steel wire with which in turn cover the carnations fixed in rail. At the same time the weight of carpet will automatically be distributed evenly on all nails, and on the carpet there will be no fold.

5. If there is no strong wish to spoil wall any openings, it is possible to drill holes under dowels in seam between wall and ceiling. On dowels to fix the strong, hardly tense fishing line on which already to hang up carpet.

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