How to hang up complete kitchen

How to hang up complete kitchen

Installation of complete kitchen in most cases begins with hinge plate of cabinets. They have to be located at the level of eyes. For this reason any mistake in calculations will be evident at once. From that cabinets are how correctly established esthetic perception of kitchen depends.


1. For a start by means of adjustment screws set on hinge plates hook to average position. Hinge plates need to be fixed on internal sidewalls of cabinets so that the hook not to steam of millimeters left back wall of cabinet. It has to be hooked easily for the mounting rail. On wall execute marking for drilling of openings under it.

2. If height of hinge plate of cabinet is defined by height of kitchen cases, then it is recommended to establish them at first. The hinged tire has to be located below the upper edge of cabinet. For measurement of this distance apply the hinged tire to back wall of cabinet thus as though it would be hung on this tire. By means of the level and pencil on wall make lines which will designate top of cabinets and also the upper edge by tire hinge plate.

3. To define horizontal position of cabinet use level. It is not recommended to measure distance from floor or ceiling. The fact is that they can be uneven. Apply the hinged tire the upper edge to the nacherchenny line. Note those places where it is necessary to make openings for fastening. For work you have to use drill of the corresponding size. In wall make openings for fastening to rail.

4. Hammer into these openings dowel. They have to be suitable for your type of walls well. Record mounting bar by means of fixture. On mounting rail suspend cabinets. You can level cabinets among themselves adjustment screws on hinge plates. It is necessary to fix cabinets among themselves by means of clamps. Not to damage surface of cabinet insert wooden wedge between it and the clamp. In the connected cabinets drill openings under intersection tie. Through them fasten cabinets with this tie. It was necessary only to hang doors on cabinets and to adjust them. For this purpose on loops there are adjustment screws.

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