How to hang up curtains on the balcony

How to hang up curtains on the balcony

Curtains for the glazed balcony are selected in case it is necessary to pritenit this part of the room. Especially when the balcony is on sunny side of the house. The curtains from nonspottable materials which are easily cleaned from dust and street dirt will be suitable for balcony.


1. The most often found types of curtains today, it is classical of fabric, Roman and rolled. Depending on look, they are hanged out differently. At hinge plate of classical fabric curtains on the balcony surely decide on their height. The most classical option – the eaves located above the glazed frame on 10-15 cm if balcony height allows. At low ceiling mount eaves between ceiling and frame equally spaced.

2. On eaves apply plastic hooks which usually are up for sale together with eaves to attaching of classical fabric curtain. It is also possible to use self-made loops which from reverse side are fixed by buttons for maintenance of curtains. Or apply the rings eyelets sewed in fabric.

3. Behind fabric curtains if they hang on loggia to look after rather difficult. They look effectively, but are quickly soiled. Therefore give preference tulle, to chiffon or coarse calico with dark shades here.

4. Under the Roman curtains establish eaves over frame of glassing of balcony depending on their height. The Roman curtains attach to eaves the construction stapler. If such option does not approach, curtain fix not on eaves, and directly on stretchers of glasses of balcony. In that case it is necessary to select the size of the Roman curtain ideally under the size of each its glass part. Unlike rolled curtains, Roman at pulling up they are formed up by large equal folds.

5. Are very simple in leaving and rolled curtains are easily mounted in any place. For balcony rolled curtains just find. You fix them both on the top frame of the glazed surface, and above it, on concrete basis of loggia dowel nails.

6. Rolled curtains fasten on surface also, as well as blinds. Curtains are attached above on eaves or level. Sideways the spring design for which the curtain can be twisted in roll is established or to untwist in all length.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team