How to hang up horseshoe

How to hang up horseshoe

Long since there is belief that the horseshoe in the house brings happiness. Even great Einstein at whom over entrance to the house the horseshoe has been beaten adhered to this theory. He considered that the horseshoe helps even to those who do not trust in signs.


There are several legends about miracle properties of horseshoes. One of them of Ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh's horses on whom the Pharaoh left to the exulting people have been grounded by horseshoes from pure gold. Therefore to find such horseshoe there was huge happiness. The second of legends about horseshoes is more similar to the truth. In ancient times iron was huge rarity, and iron things cost very much. Therefore to find horseshoe was great luck.

To attract good luck to the house now, it is possible to hang up horseshoe. If you have no found horseshoe, it can be bought. Then the place is chosen where to attach horseshoe. It can be over outer door outside, over door indoors, on gate. Proceeding from the place where the horseshoe will hang also the way of fastening is chosen.

wall together with it. If the horseshoe needs to be removed, then the nail needs to be chosen as thin, with hat with smaller diameter, than openings in horseshoe. And in the beginning the nail is driven in, and then on it the horseshoe is hung up.

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