How to hang up kitchen

How to hang up kitchen

Kitchen cabinets need to be hung up strongly, exactly and reliably. Height of attaching has to be convenient for their use. It is possible to attach them to wall in the old way – on screws, and it is possible to use metal mounting bar. At the second way the cabinets will keep exactly and more reliably. At their fixing, distortions and roughnesses of wall will not be terrible.

It is required to you

  • - dowel
  • - wooden traffic jams
  • - drill
  • - screw-driver
  • - level
  • - screws


1. Make sure of the fortress and reliability of wall. Begin to hang from corner. Establish the first cabinet on the vertical level of side wall. Note, drill, insert dowel. Diameter of bore make no more than 6 mm, the dowel needs to be hammered with 40 mm. It should not have idling.

2. For heavy furniture it is impossible to use red-hot itself machine cuts, at them often fly away hats, without maintaining loading.

3. Take screws with a diameter of 5 mm, with the thread going not all the way that to twirl thread in wall, and the smooth rod with hat remained from above.

4. If in brick wall you have drilled opening between bricks, then it is necessary to hammer wooden stopper.

5. Having made openings, check everything level. Hang cabinet. Hang the following cabinet, measuring on the first. Note openings, drill, insert stopper or dowel, twist screws and hang.

6. If at kitchen cabinets not equal corners, then it is necessary to begin attaching with average cabinet, measure hinge plate of the following cabinets rather hung, across.

7. Hanging on metal mounting bar, drill openings, hammer stopper or dowel and attach level. It is necessary to check plumb or level, proceeding from horizontal. On special holders hang cabinets. These fastenings allow to regulate cabinets on height and distance from wall. Load of wall, at this way of fastening, is distributed evenly. It promotes more reliable fixing of kitchen cabinets.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team