How to hang up plasma

How to hang up plasma

Modern plasma TVs could save fans of spacious housing from need to buy the additional furniture serving as support. Now, in the presence of suitable fastening, it is possible to hang up plasma on wall and to release useful area in the room.

It is required to you

  • - screws,
  • - screw-driver,
  • - bracket,
  • - the special fastenings going complete with the TV.


1. As for any other equipment, for the plasma TV it is desirable to choose the right place in the apartment. The wall on which you will hang up precious purchase has to be whenever possible equal, without obviously expressed niches. It is connected with the fact that the TV needs space for circulation of heated air. On the back surface of plasma there are openings which let out such air and by that protect the device from overheating. If you are going to hang up the big TV, make sure that your wall will sustain its weight. It is not desirable to establish plasma weighing more than 30 kg on the thin not strengthened plasterboard wall. The space for the TV has to be far away from heat sources. As for distance from eyes to the TV, it has to equal to the threefold width of the screen. You should not hang up plasma too highly. Optimal variant of arrangement - at the level of eyes.

2. Plasma installation – business difficult. It is difficult to cope with it to one. Such TV can be very heavy. Therefore ask someone from friends to help you. Invert the plasma TV reverse side to yourself. Examine its surface. Look for special grooves on the body. Also glance in box from the device. In it there can be fastenings in the form of ears. If the listed elements are present, so this model can be hung up on wall as picture. It is enough to screw the suitable size screws in wall and to put on them plasma. The installed TV will not be able to change tilt angle, but will look compactly on wall. After you could hang up the plasma TV, can be engaged in connection of necessary cables.

3. On the back surface of the TV there can be special fastenings for Vesa brackets. As a rule, such elements happen at TVs to diagonal less than 30 inches. Quite often they are equipped with the speaker system which needs gap between the body and wall. The bracket of the universal Vesa standard can be got in shop. Models of brackets can differ on availability of opportunity to turn the screen. Those which allow to turn the screen on vertical and horizontal stand much more, than those brackets which do not give such chance. Before choosing the place for bracket, measure length of wire of the TV and distance to the electric socket. The wire should not stretch strongly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team