How to hang up plate

How to hang up plate

All know that the plate is necessary subject for any apartment. Is not food from table. But not all know that plates can perform decorative function also. You can hang up the plate decorated with fancy pattern on wall – it will turn out very beautifully. The great place for similar jewelry is the dining room or kitchen. Wall plates obviously "feel" there comfortably. About how to hang up plate on wall so that it has had to the place, we also will talk.


1. At first put decorative plate on equal brown paper (the paper bag for this purpose will quite fit). Then outline contour of plate on paper and cut preparation on contour. Now you can define on wall it the place on which your ornament will look best of all, having put paper preparation there. At the same time it is possible to place other decorative elements near "plate" and to evaluate udachnost of the choice of the place.

2. By the way, you can paint paper "plate" under color of the original and to leave it on wall for several days. At least, if paper "plate" bothers you or will look is inappropriate, it will be possible to find other place, without drilling wall and without inserting hooks, nails or self-tapping screws.

3. Placement of decorative elements is some kind of art too. Placement of several plates over door opening in the form of arch will be the successful course. Still the option is to separate a number from wall plates walls from ceiling.

4. Having decided on arrangement of plates, make sure that you accept combination of their flowers to color of wall. Try to choose plates so that the most bright and noticeable color on them was combined with tone of wall.

5. To avoid accidental graze of plate by your relative, guest or even you, try to place similar elements of decor over some pieces of furniture from where not to drop them any more, but only you watch that the plate was well visible from any foreshortening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team