How to hang up puzzles

How to hang up puzzles

Today puzzles are on sale in wide assortment, and it is possible to get not only usual images from children's fairy tales, but also mosaic reproductions of the well-known pictures, original options from cardboard, plastic, pith tree or rice paper. Combined images are and entertaining game, and popular element of modern decor. That puzzles became the real decoration of interior and did not look kustarno, it is necessary to record accurately them one way or another and to hang up on wall.

It is required to you

  • - Puzzle;
  • - bilateral adhesive tape;
  • - cardboard;
  • - Whatman paper;
  • - plywood;
  • - plexiglass;
  • - tin corners and "liquid nails";
  • - film and glue for puzzles;
  • - brush;
  • - PVA glue (polyvinyl acetate);
  • - custom frame, store or self-made;
  • - fastenings for posters.


1. Collect puzzle on any substrate of the suitable size that further there were no problems with fixing of parts. One of the simplest and cheap options is use of bilateral adhesive tape. Densely paste its strips on cardboard, leaf of Whatman paper (or just on white bottom of box from under chocolates). After that impose parts of future picture directly on the free sticky party of adhesive tape.

2. Hang up the folding picture on wall by means of tin corners. They can be got for the cut wall-paper so-called liquid nails (construction glue). It can seem to you not too esthetic, besides the adhesive tape not always densely holds parts. However it makes sense to apply such way to attach puzzles in the nursery which registration changes also often, as well as hobbies of the child.

3. Choose firmer basis if you are going to hang up puzzle on wall in frame of beautiful frame. It is recommended to enclose piece of fiber board (fibreboard), plywood or plexiglass under the put parts. If to press ready mosaic the same dense leaf, then in need of it it will be possible to invert carefully.

4. Record parts special glue or self-adhesive film for puzzles – these materials are on sale as complete with pictures, and separately in office or in children's departments. Work according to the enclosed instruction. Usually adherend party of puzzle is recommended to be cleaned with dry brush; further your actions will depend on the chosen materials.· film for puzzles is glued on picture reverse. Make necessary measurements and cut accurate rag. Having removed protective paper from one region, paste film to edge of puzzle and begin to smooth it with soft rags from the middle to edges. Gradually remove paper, and glue so all puzzle. Do not allow emergence of wrinkles and bubbles! • Glue for puzzles is applied from face side of the put picture. It is poured in the center of mosaic then distribute on all surface piece of cardboard. The gluing structure flows into slots between parts and fastens them.

5. Prepare frame for frame of your mosaic. If you want to buy finished product in shop, then it is desirable to find special frame for puzzles as these goods are issued standard dimensions. It is possible to find also photoframe of suitable size. Other option – more expensive - to address in baguette workshop which offer services in frame of puzzles. If means allow, then to you will issue the picture under the existing interior. For example, will make baguette aluminum, plastic the required color, or of natural wood.

6. At last, it is possible to hang up puzzle on wall and in self-made frame. For its production take wooden level and separate it into cross and longitudinal parts of the necessary size. Further: • the ends of levels saw off at an angle 45 degrees; • connect corners, previously having processed them PVA glue, and press; • after glue skhvatyvaniye (in 15 minutes) walk on frame sandpaper and put mordant or varnish. The frame is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team