How to hang up tapestry

How to hang up tapestry

The tapestry has been thought up in Europe when local manufactories have wanted to adopt the Egyptian production technique of carpets. Having begun to use fiber which does not give pile, Europeans have come also that on wall such cloth will look in a different way.

It is required to you

  • Tapestry, nails or screws, the perforator or shuropovert, drill, wooden frame with the stretcher, buttons, threads, needle.


1. Depending on plot, color gamma and the sizes of cloth define - where exactly you will hang up tapestry. The most widespread options - over fireplace, sofa, table or dresser. But you should not limit yourself. If you want to place tapestry on ceiling - it will be very unusual.

2. Proceeding from the chosen place define wall material. If it is concrete or brick, then for drilling of openings you need the perforator. For gypsum cardboard there will be enough shuropovert.

3. Consider that too big tapestry can be heavy. Thin gypsum cardboard can not sustain such loading. If you want to hang up tapestry in kitchen or near fireplace, make sure that it will not become covered by soot.

4. Prepare tapestry. Most of them are on sale in already ready frame, but if you have bought only cloth, then it is necessary to pull it on the stretcher and to insert into frame.

5. Arrange tapestry facedown. From above put the stretcher. You watch that it has risen accurately on tapestry borders. Fix corners by buttons. Fix the vertical and horizontal parties of tapestry by means of thread and needle. The tapestry has to be evenly tense on the stretcher - without wrinkles and distortions. Insert tapestry into frame.

6. Fix tapestry on wall. If it successfully fits into space and does not irritate you during the first three days, then it means that you have correctly chosen the place. Regularly wipe it dry brush, then it will serve to you for many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team