How to hang up the poster

How to hang up the poster

Beautiful addition to interior of the room are posters. It is possible to make certain composition of them or to hang up one big poster on free wall. Many hang up them on adhesive tape, even without thinking that further if suddenly it is necessary to remove them, wall-paper and posters will suffer. There are several ways to hang up the poster so that it could be removed and moved easily, at the same time without having damaged wall-paper.


1. Buy safety pins. It is the easiest and effective way. With their help it is possible to hang up the poster of any size. Accurately pierce corners of the poster and attach it to wall. It is necessary to remove too very accurately and without hurrying, pulling out on one pin and holding the poster. Of course, at such method on the poster and wall there are holes, but they are so small that are not even noticeable.

2. Get self-adhesive strips of Command. Strips are intended especially for fastening of posters, are convenient in use, and, above all they easily come unstuck without leaving any marks on wall and on the poster at all.

3. Use the sticky mass of QUELYD BLU TACK. It is ideal for fastening of any objects, including posters. To paste the poster by means of this weight, separate from it small piece and knead it until it does not become soft. Roll small ball from piece and attach it to reverse side of the poster. Accurately attach the poster to wall, press on it and smooth. That the poster is cheerful exactly, it is the best of all to make four tiny balls and to paste them on each corner.

4. As one more method use thin metal plate which needs to be pasted to wall. In case you want to hide plate from public eyes, it can be stuck with wall-paper. By means of small magnetics attach the poster to level. If it is children's posters, then use small magnetics in the form of various figures. It will allow to make room interior colourful and cheerful, and will also draw attention of the child.

5. Use extensions for posters and posters. With their help the poster will always be in evenly stretched situation. To insert or replace the poster, it is enough to unclench clip, to insert necessary poster or the poster and to clamp accurately. All process will take no more than two minutes. The size of extension is selected under poster format. Such extensions allow to hang up huge boards on building wall, having pulled them from one corner to another. In house conditions it is possible to make self-made extension, having used normal fishing line.

6. Except all already listed ways, it is possible to use brackets for fastening of posters. They meet both for one poster, and for several at once. For example, on one such bracket it is possible to hang up about 10-15 posters, They are convenient in use as they allow to change posters with hardly any trouble at all. It is only enough to choose the place on wall and to accurately attach bracket.

7. Issue small posters in frames and then at you original pictures which can be hung up on special hooks for pictures will turn out or to paste, having used sticky weight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team