How to help orchid to blossom repeatedly

How to help orchid to blossom repeatedly

Orchids became popular window plants recently thanks to the fact that their magnificent and unusual blossoming lasts long very much, about half a year. However many amateur flower growers consider them disposable bouquets, believing that it is impossible to achieve from plant of repeated blossoming. But if it is correct to look after orchid, it is possible to force it to blossom also for the second time.

Features of care for orchid

For orchids the most considerable factor of growth and development is illumination. Pick up for plant the solar place, but without direct sunshine as leaves can just burn. Ideal option for arrangement of flower are windows of east and southeast orientation. Try not to move plant and not to move it as the orchid of it is not loved.

It is necessary to water orchids often and it is quite abundant, but after substrate drying-out. To have opportunity to see as far as soil has dried, land orchids in transparent cachepots. It is the best of all to carry out watering in the form of hot shower. Water temperature at the same time has to be near 30-35os. As a result of regular procedures of plant more willingly and much quicker blossom repeatedly.

After watering it is necessary to delete excess water which can accumulate in bosoms of leaves and in plant core. For this purpose just blot all parts of orchid with paper towel or napkins. If not to make it, then the orchid can quickly decay as a result of stagnation of water. You carry out fertilizing regularly. For this purpose use specialized complex fertilizers on which packing it is written "For orchids". It is very useful to alternate root and extra root fertilizing. Consider that it is impossible to fertilize just put and replaced orchids and also the sick and weakened plants. In other cases you carry out fertilizing each 2 weeks during active growth.

What to do with peduncle after blossoming

After the plant has faded, attentively examine peduncle tip. If it green and on it is growth point, that is probability that the flower will shortly blossom once again. It can occur at once or in month. In case the peduncle has completely turned yellow or has turned black and begins to dry out, it can be cut off clean knife. At the same time it is necessary to leave stump about 2 cm in size.

How to achieve repeated blossoming

Sometimes happens that even despite the correct leaving and all efforts, the orchid does not blossom repeatedly. If the flower is not sick, it has healthy roots and leaves, then in this case the small stress can help. Stop to water plant for some time or put pot with orchid to more cool place. During the summer period it is possible to take out plant in garden or on balcony. Usually in 2-3 weeks after leaving change the orchid throws out new peduncle. Consider that it is only compulsory measure, and you should not resort to similar receptions too often as any stress can weaken plant that by all means will lead to his death.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team