How to hill potato

How to hill potato

Not all gardeners consider necessary earthing up of potatoes. Nevertheless, this agrotechnical reception allows to increase the area of power supply of root system of plant and to support the soil in friable state. In the conditions of midland of Russia by means of earthing up it is possible to protect landings of potatoes from overcooling during spring frosts.

It is required to you

  • - mattock;
  • - the mulching material;
  • - garden gloves.


1. When landing potatoes place ranks of tubers at distance of fifty or sixty centimeters one from another. The earth from row-spacings you will row up in the course of earthing up to the basis of elevated part of potato bush.

2. Potatoes are landed to the open ground after defrosting and drying-out of the soil when frosts are quite possible. At threat of cold snap hill the sprouted potatoes so that completely to cover young plants with earth. For this purpose shift the soil from edge of row-spacing towards potato bush by means of mattock on the long handle.

3. In the absence of spring frosts the first time potatoes is hilled after the tops of vegetable reaches height of fifteen-twenty centimeters. It is the best of all to do it in cloudy weather or after rain when moisture was already absorbed to the earth.

4. In hot days process beds in the morning or in the evening. If it has turned out that the soil has dried up, before work water landings so that the earth poured to plant was damp. At the first earthing up close plants the earth on the lower leaves. After completion of work fill up row-spacings with the mulching material: sawdust or dry peat.

5. After elevated part of potato bush reaches height of twenty five-thirty centimeters, hill landings the second time. If necessary water beds and remove from them weeds.

6. The processing frequency necessary for receiving good harvest of potatoes depends on grade of plant, soil type, and climate. To early ripening grades one earthing up during the season suffices.

7. If you have brokenare kitchen garden on the clay, badly passing air soil, hill landings once a week or fourteen days, depending on condition of soil. For potatoes growing on easy soils there are enough two-three okuchivaniye during the summer. The gardeners who are growing up potatoes on easy soils in the conditions of warm climate often replace earthing up with normal loosening.

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