How to hill the Dutch potatoes

How to hill the Dutch potatoes

Today the Dutch technology of cultivation of potatoes gives the highest productivity. Dutches win many centuries meters of the earth from the sea and have learned to use this earth most effectively.

The correct use of the Dutch technology allows gardeners to receive 200–250 kg of potatoes from one hundred part of the earth. If it does not occur, so in some part the technique is broken. For landing first of all the warm earth temperature +8os is necessary. But also in this case, even when the soil will well get warm, it is better to wait week, and already then to put. That the earth has got warm enough, will prompt the first leaflets which have turned green on birch. For many experienced amateur potato breeders this event is signal to landing of tubers.

For a start it is necessary to select potatoes size about egg and all planting stock it is obligatory to couch. It is necessary to put on depth of 6-8 cm, such option is optimum. But from this point it is necessary to adhere to exclusively Dutch technology. After landing there has to be flat field. That before emergence of shoots it has not grown with weeds and has not crusted, it is necessary in 5-6 days slightly to loosen the soil. It will help to cope with the accruing weeds in the most vulnerable for them to phase and also will improve supply of tubers with oxygen.

When seeds sprout, it is necessary to start the first earthing up. The sprouts which have got out of the earth need to be covered with earth from row-spacings so that crests 8-10 cm high and diameter at the basis of 20-30 cm were formed. This earthing up creates the favorable, oxygenated environment near root system. Repeated processing needs to be done 2-2.5 weeks later. Also by means of the earth in row-spacing it is necessary to increase crests up to 25-35 cm high, and width at the basis to half a meter. Repeated earthing up needs to be carried out more carefully not to damage shoots and the root system of plants. Many are limited to it, but some skilled people in garden business during blossoming carry out also the third earthing up. Warm sunny day – the best time for this procedure as during heat it is more difficult for the disturbed weeds to take root.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team