How to impart apple-tree shank?

How to impart apple-tree shank?

If the apple-tree badly fructifies, many gardeners think of its inoculation. This procedure helps to solve also other problems: to save the free territory, to grow up grades which are not suitable for climate of the area and to improve taste of fruits. Apple-tree inoculation – business difficult, but if to know all rules and to choose suitable time, it is possible to achieve good result.

The inoculation shank has two concepts: scion and stock. The scion is an imparted shank, and stock – apple-tree. For scion select escape with at least 3 kidneys, but it is impossible to use too long shanks, they can disappear or dry up because of the shortage of useful substances. 

What is required for apple-tree inoculation?

For inoculation of apple-tree it is necessary to find scion (shank) and to prepare garden var. Also the thin saw, film for binding, knife with the most fine edge are useful.

The shank is cut off at an acute angle. Length of cut has to exceed diameter of branch by 3 times. It is put in damp sand and stored in cold before the inoculation of fruit-trees is required. 

How to impart apple-tree in the spring?

 The best time for inoculation – the end of April - the beginning of May. During this period at trees the sokodvizheniye begins therefore there are more chances of successful prizhivleniye. If after all nothing has turned out, process can be repeated in the summer, but not to lose the whole year.

Before imparting apple-tree in the spring, it is necessary to know several rules. First, internal bark of stock and branch have to adjoin densely. Secondly, the scion is fixed by not lower than 1.5 meters from the earth. Thirdly, at first the scion and stock communicate but only then they are covered with the thief. It is important to watch that this substance did not get on cuts.

It is possible to impart apple-tree in several ways:

  • Simple kopulirovka if diameters of cuts of stock and scion coincide. It is necessary to connect branches in places of cut within 60 seconds, otherwise process of merging will take place very slowly.
  • The improved kopulirovka is carried out as simple, but on branches do also longitudinal cuts to enter scion into stock.
  • The inoculation in rasshchep is suitable if cuts of scion and stock of different diameters. In the beginning the stock is split cross-wise, then insert into it scion, several shanks are possible at once.
  • The inoculation for bark suits even to the beginning gardeners. But it can be carried out only in the period of sokodvizheniye when process of merging takes place quicker and more successfully. On tree choose the place for scion and accurately cut branch that there was small stump. It is smoothed out knife, and on shanks do diagonal cuts. Bark on stock is removed and insert under it scion.

Also it is possible to impart apple-trees in the summer, in the fall and even in the winter. But in cold season it is done only indoors, such inoculation is called desktop. It is possible to use okulirovka "the sleeping peephole" in the summer, and in the fall in butt, rasshchep and for bark. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team